Leadership Development Training

How can I sign up for training?

Empower GENNOW members may have free access to these leadership development training modules, taking place on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 6PM - 9PM EST.

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Here’s a sample of the courses that we offer to our members. For a complete list, please log in to your account.

Inclusive Leadership: How to Lead an Inclusive Workplace

  1. Becoming aware of bias behavior habits
  2. Cross culture communication
  3. Professional development training, and A Diversity & Inclusion Leadership project.

Overcoming Leadership Obstacles and Barriers as a POC

  1. How to create a project to increase awareness of issues faced by POC, and give young POC a voice
  2. How to overcome barriers so you can achieve long-term career success.

Women in Leadership and Women of Color: How to Lead As a Woman

  1. Leadership development for women of color
  2. How to overcome challenges you face at the workplace
  3. Access to women’s job recruitment and mentorship opportunities.